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Chapter 15 – Resurrection

Now we know that number 9 is the top of the humanistic Behavioural Model – The Gumm Rhythm as I named it, as I discovered it or I should the Lord God revealed it to me.

However as shown there are rhythms within Rhythms. For example, a rhythm is a 7-day week.  A rhythm of every 9 days therefore rotates and every so often falls on the same “day” as the one it started.

As we know this rhythm of number 9 the toes mixed with Iron and Clay is taking a long time and therefore there are many sub rhythms of these number nine. 

What then is the final sub rhythm 9 of all the nines from the day Adam and Eve fell from Grace could it be in the Bible?

Just so happens it is.  Jesus spoke of our Resurrection in just NINE words.

John 6 v 40 …. and I will raise him up at the last day

Rhythm 9 of all the 9’s is nine words long!

Note also the scripture chapter and verse numbers. The numbers six and forty.  Six being the number for man and forty is the number for trail.  Or 4 times 10 Creation and its management.  We the resurrection ones who keep their first love and virgin lamps burning in our natural man state of 3 dimensions receive eternal life and be changed to Eternal (Time) and Spiritual pure light / energy. DNA is restored to Adam’s DNA before the fall.  We then become 5 dimensional like the Lord Jesus.

Number “John” 6 v 40 and the nine (9) becomes

6 times 40 times 9

(6*40*9) = 2,160 Divide this by God’s Holy Face number of 144 and you are left with 15.

(2,160/144) = 15. 15 is 3 times 5 ((3*5) =15)).  3 the number for God Head and 5 for Grace over death.

God the Father, Jesus the God, God the Holy Spirit these three are one, grant us eternal life on the last day, the nine of nine rhythms for us and the grafting of us into the God Head becomes complete!

How wonderful how marvellous is our God!

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