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12 Dimensional Scripture

The scriptures to the author of this website are 12 Dimensional.

Yes you have the physical dimensions of a book Height, Width and Depth and then you have dimension of Time.  That is four and we have not even open the book as yet.

Then you have the dimensions that the book talks about, and what about the dimensions of those who have “eyes to see and ear’s to hear” why is it that some understand and some don’t and why some see and hear more when they have the Holy Spirit – “Evidence of the Gift and Sign of Speaking in Tongues”

This is a big subject indeed and only those whom have the Holy Spirit – “Evidence of the Gift and Sign of Speaking in Tongues” know what I am talking about there.

The book The Holy Bible discusses the 12 Dimensions of Scripture. Owen Waters discusses the 12 dimensions of creation here  Owen goes on to say


  • The original 3 dimensions are the Consciousness of the Creator
    Dimension 12 is the Father Creator principle.  “God the Father”
    Dimension 11 is the Mother Creator principle. “God the Holy Spirit”
    Dimension 10 contains the consciousness templates for the Infinite Universes. “Jesus the Son of God”

  • The next 3 dimensions are Energy
    Dimension 9 is etheric, or life, energy.
    Dimension 8 is magnetic energy, the primal field of the universe.
    Dimension 7 is electric energy, the building block of physical matter.

  • The next 3 dimensions are Space, which allows the separation of objects
    Dimension 6 is linear separation.
    Dimension 5 is circular separation.
    Dimension 4 is spherical separation.

  • The next 3 dimensions are Motion
    Dimension 3 is thought (mental motion.)
    Dimension 2 is feeling (emotional motion.)
    Dimension 1 is time (physical motion.)

Therefore the answer in the authors simple view  is the Holy BIBLE in 3 dimensional book discusses all these 12 dimensions and a 13th being DEATH which was not Gods intention but was necessary due to Satan’s and his seed being disobedient to the Incorruptible God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Now we are up to 13 Dimensions but if you like me Death at number 12 (end of time) (i.e. not getting to number 13) I am not interested in and 13 or 13th replaces number 12 Death (the Law & the Prophets) (will be explain further in linked pages). Matthew 7 (perfection) verse 13 (expansion for some)

 13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

13 For the Born Again Spiritual Filled (a lot in that simple statement – Spirit Filled) is expansion into God’s Kingdom the New Heaven and Earth

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