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This chapter and book is not concerned at all with the timing of events for the Bible says in Acts 1 v 7 KJV “And he said unto them,

It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.”

We are looking at the Rhythms as looking to see if they do indeed overall work out to be rhythms if you will in the Book of Revelation.

11.0 Chapters of Revelation overlaid and the End of this old Heaven and Earth

Book of Revelation



Matching the above chart to the chapters we see that The Mathematical Law of Humanistic Behavior Pattern – The Gumm Rhythm does indeed comply with Matthew 7 v 1-12, 12 “it is the law and the prophets”.

Repeating table 3.1 for your reference here

11.1 – 3.1 Table of Numerical Meanings

NO’s Meaning Additional
0   GOD – Circle – One Dimension – Everything God
1 Unity – New beginnings GOD
2 Union – Division – Witnessing  
3 Divine completeness and perfection God Head
4 Creation – The world – Creative works God Holy Spirit, Jesus & Us covered by the Blood of Jesus
5 Grace – God’s goodness – Pentateuch    Death – Grace of Death
6 Weakness of man – Manifestation of sin Man
7 Resurrection – Spiritual Completeness – Father perfection Perfection
8 New birth – New beginnings Jesus – Salvation by Grace
9 Fruit of the Spirit – Divine completeness from the Father  
10 Testimony – Law and responsibility Man’s Management
11 Disorder and judgement  Confusion
12 Governmental perfection God’s Judgement
13 Apostasy – Depravity and Rebellion Contraction/Expansion
14 Deliverance – Salvation 2 times 7 – Perfection
15 Rest 3 times 5 – Grace
16 Love 2 times 8 – Jesus
17 Victory Good number
18 Bondage 6+6+6 Warning
18.6   6+6+6+0.6 Ultimate Warning
19 Faith / No faith Bad number at times
20 Redemption 2 times 10 – Man’s management


Rhythm Chapters Meaning
1 1  Vision of Christ
12  Want The Angel Apolloyon “god” instead
2 2 To the Churches – Warnings and Exhortations
13 Mankind wants the Beasts instead
3 3 To the Churches – Warnings and Exhortations
14 Exhortation Perfection is in Jesus
4 4 Look Mankind this is the Throne of GOD
15 The Temple and if you don’t listen now mankind plagues are coming your way at the opposite of (Godhead) 3*5 of Grace (5) instead is 3*5 of Death
5 5 This is Jesus and He alone is Worthy to open the Scroll
16 Mankind does not listen and now the Angels are sent to release the plagues and Judgements on Sin
6 6 Seals are Opened and time begins for Plagues to work
17 The Harlot is at work raping the world of its “wealth” in every way possible
7 7 4 Angels held back until the saints are gathered
18 Babylon and the Harlot Financial System is destroyed
8 8 Space of almost ½ an hour in Heaven as seventh seal is opened
19 Birds called to Eat the flesh of the Dead
9 9 Apollyon Angel Satan falls from Heaven
20.25 Satan bound
20.25 1000 Year Reign
20.25 Satan Loosed
20.25 Second Judgement Life for some death for many
10 21 Life Eternal – New Jerusalem – All Rubbish not allowed – Man’s management replace finally with the Saved in Jesus and Jesus Himself management
11 22 Life Eternal – River of Life – No curses they have gone to Ultimate Rhythm Number 12 DEATH – Salvation by the Cross
12 12 Life or Death – Balanced out Squared out
13 Not shown Expansion as shown in Chapters 20, 21 and 22 of the book Revelation















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