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New York & Major Markets begin Crash

Executive Summary

  1. It is my believe that the New York Markets will begin a crash starting Monday New York Time or have already started on Friday the 19th of December.

  2. The reason I say this is because it is either Astrological or Astronomy correct with cycles in the Bible and on History.

  3. 13th of September for those who have brought my trading books is probably going to be Rhythm 5 or 7 however I prefer rhythm 5 and it should be a 50% crash over a couple of days. 

  4. After a bounce into Rhythm 6 the markets will then commence a gradual decline and the markets may well indeed lose up to 90% of their current value in New York.

  5. There are many aspects to the on coming crash, I only discuss a few of them here, and if you do not understand a name or terminology I use, you will need to google for the information. 

  6. Pharaoh had two dreams therefore I think as in 1929 the crash will come in two parts a fast part and a longer slower part.  I believe it will be the fast part in September 2015.  Lot’s of money to be made quickly in the fast part and a lot less frustrating as well than the slower part.

  7. There is an enormous amount of money to be made very quickly by SHORTING the markets.  That means making money as the prices of shares and indexes fall.*

Scripture Analysis

Lets look at the Bible first in Genesis 1 v 14-19 in the Amplified Bible it says the Sun Stars and Moon are to RULE over the earth. These are to be for Signs, Tokens and for seasons days and years

14 And God said, Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be signs and tokens [of God’s provident care], and [to mark] seasons, days, and years,

If that is the case, as it is, lets look for a cycle in Genesis 41.  We see that Pharaoh had two dreams, of 7 Fat Cows and 7 Lean Cows and 2nd dream of 7 Fat Grain and 7 Thin Grain.  And notice it was not all in one dream.  The crash will have two major declines which will be in Rhythm 5 and Rhythm 7.  I think Rhythm 5 will be the very fast money.

4 times 7 = 28, which could be a 28 week or years or 280 years or 2800 years.  Lets look at the 28 year cycle.

In 1929 there as a crash and that lasted until 1932 some 2.5 years.  In 1957 another crash but a slow one which lead the markets into a correction cycle.  Lastly after 30 years a 1987 crash..  It is now 28 years from 1987.

If planets are RULING over the earth via mathematical alignments which planet suits a 28-30 year cycle around the Sun.  We find that Saturn has a 29.45 year cycle around the Sun. It takes Saturn 2.5 years to go through each 30 degree constellation sign of the Zodiac.

On the 23-24th of December 2014 next week, The New York Markets will top out and begin their crash or have started on Friday New York Time.  The crash in 1987 was on 50% the Crash in 1929 was 90%.  That’s right 90%

Therefore if you held your money in a Superannuation High Growth Fund back in 1929 and you have say $2,000,000 or $200,000 you only had left at the end of the crash $200,000 or $20,000.  In fact the losses were higher than that because a lot of companies went broke, therefore in these circumstances the loss was 100%.


50% or 90% or more in your super fund and remember it took the markets 28 years after the 1929 crash just to break even again with the 1929 high.  That means if your 60 now and you have your funds invested without fees and charges it might be that you become age 90 (assuming you do not use the money) before you break even again.

Lets now look at some of the Analysis.

From Basic to more complex to then zoomed in.

Chart One Saturn Entering Sagittarius and negative Mathematical Alignments.

Saturn Entering Sagittarius



The above chart has Saturn entering Sagittarius at 1:30am on the 24th of December 2014.  It has 14 negative alignments when I include the Asteroid Belt, Circle of 8 and Mean of 5 and the Luna Nodes of Mean True Mean apogee and Osculation apogee.

When I turn the Negatives off and the Positives on I arrive at 14 mathematical alignments again.  This would be because Time and Price are balancing or Squaring as W.D. Gann would say.

However what one must realise is that when TIME, SPACE and PRICE balance out the markets reverse directions and in this case from going up BULL MARKET to going down. BEAR MARKET of 2.5 years within this 17.4 BEAR MARKET correction cycle.  

Therefore according to SPACETIME and PRICE it is now time for them to begin a crash or begin a Bear Market again.

Saturn entering Sagittarius with crashes of 1929 1957 and 1987 highlighted by vertical lines.

page 4

The beige areas are where Saturn has been in the constellation of Sagittarius the gap is were the planet enters Retrograde motion appearing to go backwards from Earth’s point of view.

The following Chart is of the Solar Eclipses the lines are very close together due to we are looking at 100 years of data.

page 3

We see therefore that the 13th of September 2015 is a Full Eclipse date just like 1987.

The following Chart adds in more elements.

page 2

In the chart above I had add in a Saturn & Jupiter Synodic Cycles with heliocentric views (viewed from the Sun).  Jupiter is a Major 666 clock in the Solar System Clock and therefore is closely related to Saturn or in Astrology they the Astrologists say Satan’s planet.

Jupiter according to Olga Morales of Astrology for Gann Traders says that Jupiter also can mean opportunity and that is definitely the case if you short this up coming crash you will make fortunes very quickly.

She also produced a video which I purchase that has some of this material in it.  It is a very good video and it has plenty more information in it that what I am posting here.

In the Chart below I add in the Declination cycle.

You can see the 13th of September 2015 is right in the middle or close to the middle of the Declination cycle, i.e. lots of mathematical energy present.


Page one


Next we zoom in on September 7

In the next chart we also are zoomed in with the Moon Cycle, as it is an Eclipse the New Moon is  page 5present. This means you have two major planets in Negative Mathematical alignments, with the full eclipse and new Moon, and Saturn is in Sagittarius

 And following is the last chart also zoomed in.

page 6


 To purchase one of Barry’s books click here to go to his cornerstone targeting website to purchase.

*Disclosure and discussion on who’s fault it is if you lose, and W D Gann said who was a Christian, “Learn before you lose”!
This information is of a general nature only and is not to be taken as trading or investment advice.
One should always consult a professional licences Financial Adviser or Market Specialist “formerly known as a broker”
 Even if they do not know what I am talking about here. AND 99% or thee about  of them do not. Even brokers do not know.
Past performance is not a reliable or guarantee indicator of future performance
How do I know that?  Well because I was one once, and all or mostly they are taught that about the markets is not to give their opinions about the markets and make sure they get disclosures signed to protect the Licencee!  That’s it they get rich by selling you a product, which pays them passively and you do not get market advice other than your profiles fits this criteria therefore we will put you in XYZ or ABC 123 and let the market force do with it as it want’s!
Yes soon many will cry out yet again that there financial adviser lost them their money.  That is not true really!  They lost them their money by entrusting it in the hands of someone or some bank, some licence professional who is not taught how markets work or how to invest.
They from experience are not taught but rather are taught how to be compliant with the licencee’s compliance procedures and there is big punishments if they do not.  It does not matter if you lose as long as the licencee is protected by paper work.
So at the end of the day, it is the persons fault that they entrusted to the Licensed professional adviser for their losses because they did not ask the right questions to qualify that person for their trust. AND to find a licensed professional adviser who actually knew what he or she was talking about and actually did as they said they did.
Therefore if you have lost money don’t blame the Adviser blame yourself for not checking the person out correctly that they knew and did make money in a rising and a falling markets.
After all the servant that was entrusted with $1.00 or $1 Talent in the bible from his master the (clients) who hid the money in the dust (ground) and did nothing (gave it to another person (dust to dust)) to handle which is Managed or Superannuation Managed or (401K super funds managed) who lost it, even what the servant had was taken from him.  how many times do you see people lose their homes because they did not qualify the person they were trusting their hard earned money too?
If you expect your financial adviser to be looking after your money you have basically been the person (YOU HAVE BEEN the person) who in this parable the servants and the Master, you have given your money to someone who probably just passed it along the production line and put it in a big bucket with holes in it dear liesa.
Having said that the good adviser are worth their weight in Gold.  In fact they would have been warning you of the crash and getting your money into cash where it is “safe” and been setting you up to trade put options or put warrants or SHORT CFD’s “contracts for Difference” if you have one that has done this you are very fortunate because that adviser is about to make you a lot of money or at least should.
If the adviser has done nothing or has you in High Growth or Growth or even Balanced fund or mutual fund’s and not it cash then your adviser may not have all the information he or she needs to advise you correctly or they may not be allowed to which is very often the case and is in the majority.
So you will lose, make no mistake about that if you do not have your money in cash or shorting the markets or preferably both for the next 2.5 years or by doing both SHORTING and going LONG in currency trading, and if you do you only have yourself to blame really.  I say “safe” as in a cash or banking account due to the Cyprus take of peoples money out of their bank accounts, don’t think it will or could happen in Australia, I suggest you think again, all they have to do is shut their doors and turn of their websites and you may be in left without your funds while they rebalance their books, by taking some or all of your cash.


ALL YOU RAPTURE PEOPLE answer this one question?

Which one of the Following is the LOVING GOD?

Scenario One

God will rapture me because He is a loving God and will not let me suffer the tribulation!

Scenario Two

Matthew 20:1-16 Amplified Bible (AMP)

20 For the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of an estate who went out in the morning along with the dawn to hire workmen for his vineyard. 2 After agreeing with the laborers for a denarius a day, he sent them into his vineyard. 3 And going out about the third hour (nine o’clock), he saw others standing idle in the marketplace; 4 And he said to them, You go also into the vineyard, and whatever is right I will pay you. And they went. 5 He went out again about the sixth hour (noon), and the ninth hour (three o’clock) he did the same. 6 And about the eleventh hour (five o’clock) he went out and found still others standing around, and said to them, Why do you stand here idle all day? 7 They answered him, Because nobody has hired us. He told them, You go out into the vineyard also and you will get whatever is just and fair. 8 When evening came, the owner of the vineyard said to his manager, Call the workmen and pay them their wages, beginning with the last and ending with the first. 9 And those who had been hired at the eleventh hour (five o’clock) came and received a denarius each. 10 Now when the first came, they supposed they would get more, but each of them also received a denarius. 11 And when they received it, they grumbled at the owner of the estate, 12 Saying, These [men] who came last worked no more than an hour, and yet you have made them rank with us who have borne the burden and the scorching heat of the day. 13 But he answered one of them, Friend, I am doing you no injustice. Did you not agree with me for a denarius? 14 Take what belongs to you and go. I choose to give to this man hired last the same as I give to you. 15 Am I not permitted to do what I choose with what is mine? Or do you begrudge my being generous? Is your eye evil because I am good? 16 So those who [now] are last will be first [then], and those who [now] are first will be last [then].For many are called, but few chosen.

So Tell me which one is the Loving God?  

Is it the one who says I will rapture you 7 years early or 3.5 years early because I am a loving God I will not let you suffer? OR

Is God the Loving God because, he wants as many to be saved as possible and if he raptured us there would be no one to guide baptise and remember if the Church leaves Earth the Holy Spirit leaves earth, so they will not have Him to help them either.

He is the loving God because he leaves his church on earth because the Harvest is Great and He wants as many saved as possible.  I mean who is going to baptise the new believers during the tribulation days, who is going to guide them help them in their faith, if we have all been raptured?

Are you going to be the ones?

“And when they received it, they grumbled at the owner of the estate.”

ARE YOU GOING TO GRUMBLE at Jesus (the owner of the Estate of Eternal life) because he made you go through the tribulation? Really?

Because He has a harvest that is great and this is the best time ever to talk to someone about God (harvest) and you want to disappear for 7 or 3.5 years Really?  Heaven forbid, To be more like Jesus would I know,  I’d rather go through the suffering than have God be a respecter of persons to take me early and to say stuff the rest of you, for the next 3.5 or 7 years!

Can you really imagine that Jesus would take you  the rapture believing person (if you are) and say stuff the rest of you before his second coming?

So Tell me which one is the Loving God?

NO:1 or NO:2

Is it the one who says I will rapture you 7 years early or 3.5 years early because I am a loving God I will not let you suffer? OR

Is God the Loving God because, He wants as many to be saved as possible and if He raptured us there would be no one to guide baptise and remember if the Church leaves Earth the Holy Spirit leaves earth, so they will not have Him to help them either.

I put it to you NO:2

What do you say leave a comment below.

I put it to you NO:2 for a number of Reasons:

  1. He wants all to be saved – who is going to speak the word if we are raptured?

  2. He is no respecter of persons

  3. He told us above he will go to the market place until the last hour

  4. In Peter He tells us we must suffer as Christ suffered

  5. He said the sign will be as in the days of Noah – This happens on the 23/09/2017 in earnest.

  6. We all get paid the same any way a days wages i.e. Eternal life

  7. We are here to show love no matter the scenario

  8. Our loving God let the disciple’s suffer, so why not us as in NO:2

  9. The Fifth Seal says a lot of us will be Beheaded, and therefore we must go through the tribulation.

There’s nine reasons why God is a loving God and will not rapture us until the Seventh Seal in Revelation 8.  To do so before,  goes against who God really is and that is he is the GOD OF LOVE.


Second Seal of Revelation broken on 04/04/2015 Which is the Fourth Blood Moon out of Five!

Second Seal broken by the Lamb in revelation 6 v 3-4 will be broken on the 04/04/2015 I believe.

I have a page about it click here to view   OR go here

Want to know a lot more about revelation the correct information purchase my book “London Harlot 666″  The Harlot is the Bank of England.

Click here  “see she sits as a queen” logo of the Bank of England

Cover page  Ultimate Gold liberty jpeg



The King Planet Jupiter is Not a Sign of Jesus Birth in 2017!

Astrologist have said that Jupiter is the King Planet of the Solar System.

What have they and people of the cloth assumed is, that Jupiter is representing Jesus and that Jesus is being Born a forth time on the 23/09/2017!

How can that be?

How can Jesus be born a second time well it would be the fourth time really.

First Born in heaven don’t ask me how that works!

Second born on Earth by Mary via conception of the Holy Spirit.

Thirdly he was born again as it were when he said to John the Baptist, suffer it to be so to fulfill all righteousness and he was baptised by full immersion and receive the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, Sign of Peace, God’s peace resting on a man.

Now the three above make sense, but Jesus being born yet again at 7:36 AM on the 23rd of September 2017 does not.  How many times does he have to be born.

The religious world and the Astrological world of the soothsayers are ALL incorrect and in ERROR.

Likewise we are born three times, Once on earth, twice – born again, and three when we live for ever transformed to eternal life beings in Jesus covered by his blood and sacrifice for us.

So Who is being Born Then?

To understand this you must look at the planet cycles, to determine what they are representing, for example the moon travels 13 degrees and 20 minutes every day.  the number 13 is a change number.  Things change at the Fibonacci Change numbers and 13 is one of them. Changes happen at 13.

Knowing that is good so lets take the circle 360 degrees divide that by 12 constellations and you have 12 constellations by 30 degrees.  Add in the 13th and you have 13 constellations by 30 degrees which is 390 degrees.

Jupiter to change cycles has to travel 390 degrees.  How long does it take for Jupiter to travel 390 degrees.  Good question?  It takes 671 weeks for Jupiter to travel 390 degrees.  Now remember we are saved by grace which is the number 5 and Satan uses the number five as well.

Take of 5 weeks and you have 666 weeks Jupiter is the Major 666 Clock in the Solar System of Musical Clocks.

Jupiter is the 666 Clock – Major

So who is being born at 7:36 on the 23rd of September 2017.  The Last head of the First Beast Prince William the 7th and Wounded Head, into the position of the Beast of the Microchip and the Head of the Currency of the Phoenix to reign for 3.5 years. He is being born or promoted into this position Head of the Microchip Phoenix world wide currency.  Prince William is going to be the Man the last head of the first beast and allowed to be there because the Second beast hides behind the first, but the second beast has the power.  The Royal’s only worth hundreds of millions the second beast is worth Trillions.

Who are the 10 horns and 7 crowns of the first beast, well I thought like many they were the club of Rome but that is the Iron, we are looking of the clay, well I worked it out 6 weeks ago and they are the rate setters to read about them go here

So you see most religious people pastors and ministers have it wrong and so does the astrological world of the soothsayers and necromancers.

Jesus is not being born at 7:36am on the 23/09/2017 the microchip and the last 3.5 weeks or years of the Authority of the Beast is being born.  Which gives us an expiry of the authority of the beast 8-9th March 2021. (42 months of him or the microchip reigning).

Now lets look at the time.  Virgo gets pregnant on the 26/11/2016 and gives birth at 7:36am on the 23/09/2017

7:36  7 being final.  36 is (18+18) or (6+6+6)+(6+6+6)=36

Do you really think Jesus would be born at a double time of (6+6+6)+(6+6+6) off course not!

*Jupiter has been known since very ancient times, so how did Jupiter get its name? While it had many names throughout history, the Roman empire had the greatest influence over a wide portion of modern society, so the names accorded to planets by the Romans still hold sway over astronomy.

The Romans named the planet after their king of gods, Jupiter, who was also the god of the sky and of thunder. Why choose to name the planet Jupiter? It was the largest object in the sky; therefore the most powerful; therefore Jupiter.

In the Roman pantheon, Jupiter began as the sky god, concerned mainly with wine festivals and associated with the sacred oak of the Capitol. Eventually, he was attributed the spoils of war and became a god of war. It was believed that he caused the armies to stand strong and be victorious. He was the main witness in all oaths. Jupiter was the central god in the Capitoline Triad along with Juno and Minerva.

He remained Rome’s chief official deity throughout the Republican and Imperial eras, until the pagan system was replaced by Christianity. Jupiter granted Rome supremacy because he was ”the fount of the auspices upon which the relationship of the city with the gods rested”.

He personified the divine authority of Rome’s highest offices, internal organization, and external relations: his image in the Republican and Imperial Capitol bore regalia associated with Rome’s ancient kings and the highest consular and Imperial honors. Roman consuls swore their oath of office in Jupiter’s name. To thank him for his help, and to secure his continued support, they offered him a white, castrated ox with gilded horns.*

They also worship planet Jupiter in London – Mystery Babylon the Great.  I was by using Jupiter and Mercury I was able to calulate the exact time Virgo gives Birth on the 23rd of September 2017 at 7:36am.   The starting point is in my book London Harlot 666.

Also I AM said have no other gods before me.  LOL and the Christian community, the Roman Community and the Astrological community of Soothsayers are saying planet Jupiter is representing Jesus.  laugh out loud, it would be funny if it were not so sad, they have been deceived, and that is very sad indeed.

* taken from

Breaking down the number to single digits.

Pregnancy starts



2016 = 20+16= 2+7=9

=8+2+9 = 19  Satan’s Trump Card Number.  Virgo is clothed in the Sun when giving Birth The Sun’s number is 19.






5+9+10 = 24 or 2+4 = 6  or can be 4 times 6 = 24   (negative)

OR for Positive

5+9+1 = 15  which is 3 time 5, 3 for God head and 5 saved for Grace (positive) All In Balance because it is being taken to Heaven and Judged and overcome, by the blood of the lamb.

This is not Jesus being born for the fourth time 3 was enough and 3 is enough for

us also, we were born of flesh first where Jesus was born of Spirit first!


Jesus returned to His Father, where we will are/be grafted (Born) into the Father

by Jesus Grace Blood, Sacrifice, Righteousness and Love.



Build-up of Seal NO:2 Coming True Commences

Just as people shoot of at the lip at many people and things people shoot their mouth of at all types of stuff that would be better if they just left alone.

Take for example some religious & Women had a go at the game “Grand Theft Auto V, how it should be banned because of violence to women and other groups, now this game has been out for a year, so what does Target do, take it off their shelves, so these people shout Victory. Really? or !


Now the gamers have had this problem for quite a while, a game comes and and it too violent etc, etc,.

People on the Web  are saying to me you don’t know what your taking about, you can’t be led of the Holy Spirit, all because they are not up to the stage of study I am on revelation and God’s Musical Clock of Musical Clocks The Solar System.  I have for the research and publishing update information on some of the subjects of the book of revelation many don’t many are young in Christ still on baby milk, or milk, or solids, or meat and have not reached this level of hearty meat of revelation.


These people  forget something and that is my favourite scripture by the way Matthew 7 verse 1 to 8 KJV

7 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2 For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

So here we are with Grand Theft Auto, V gamers being judged.  Now that we are in the lead up to the second Seal being broken the first one was broken on the 16/11/2014 click here if you wish to read it,  the second seal is to remove the conditions of PEACE from the world.

They don’t know what I prayed for and then when I publish it on the net after God revealed it to me and then He asked me to write a couple of books about revelation, judge and say, I am not being led of the Spirit, these people need to go back to V1   JUDGE NOT THAT YOU BE NOT JUDGED!

Therefore the gamers for the last 45 years and maybe more since these TV games come out have put up with these do gooders judging people and products deeming them to be no good against the OLD TESTAMENT LAW which Jesus came to fulfil 2,000 years ago and did fulfilled it.

So those laws have been fulfilled and we live in grace now, but some the religious and the do gooders, get over zealous and say to the gamers NO NO NO you should not be playing that, the company should not be releasing that, and yes they maybe correct, but take heed the second ZEAL is SOON to be BROKEN.  AND that means trouble, big time trouble.


Banning the Bible

So the Gamers say we had enough and put out a petition.

What is the Petition?

To ban the Bible off course!

After all everything possible is in the Bible, acceptable violence against women, non acceptable violence against women, slaves, animals, sex, sex with animals, wars and more wars, destruction of cities and countries, devils seed / reptilian seed Genesis 3 v 15, the Nephilm, the Ammonites, moabites, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, soothsayers, necromancers, asking advice of the dead, God destroying the whole world with a flood.  All this is in the bible, forgetting the context and history, the gamers say ban it, its worse than our game which you have now banned!

Ban it, just look how distaste-full it is! Ban it now!

What do you think?

What do you think is going to happen now?  After all this petition here  and here  AND

has 17500 signatures in just a few days another 7500 and they can lodge it to government, and the law of the land is they (The Australian Government) must consider it!

If it wins, no more bible apps, no more electronic bibles, no more paper bibles for sale either, no more Christian book shops and why all because religious people and do gooders,


The judgement that they judged with has been turned around against us.

Why didn’t they listen to Jesus?

If it happens in Australia you can bet your last dollar it will happen in many countries of the world.  City to City wars and wars within Cities will commence just as they did in Israel many times and those wars were very vicious indeed.  Mankind will put Mankind to Death women and children will not be spared, history repeats itself over and over and over.

Off course this must happen that is why the seal is being broken because mankind will not repent of all this evil!  When this starts it is going to be very vicious indeed. Remember the Second Beast along with the First want the world population reduced to less than 500,000,000 or in words Five hundred Million, that’s 7.3 Billion now down to 500,000,000 in a little over 6 years they want to wipe out 95% of the world’s current population and they have started, stated a long time ago, but recently just look at AIDS and Ebola and Bubonic plague recently released as well,  and if Jesus does not return early all will be wiped out!  Thank fully Jesus has promised to come early so that some flesh will be saved on the earth!


Matthew 24 v 19 KJV And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

These people are going to see there children and babies killed before them in vast numbers.  And by Seal NO:4 comes famine they will see many of their children and grandchildren die of disease and hunger.   What was in Africa in drought time for the last 40 years will be world wide and you can see it on the TV now fresh water is disappearing, that is why Turkey has turned it, the dam off to the river Euphrates after the first blood moon, it needs the water for its people. Stuff Syria and Iraq.

What should the world do?

Repent off course and turn to God, but as the Bible has said, they will not and they are not.

Yes the Second Seal will be opened sometime between now and the 23/09/2017 because the first seal is already broken and that was on the 16/11/2014  6 years 4 months and 3-4 days until the Authority of the Beast and second beast will be no more!  Revelation 12 or read my book “Virgo gives Birth” plus 1260 days takes one to the 8-9th March 2021 and the time beast’s authority runs out.

Christians pray, prayer warrior’s pray, pray a lot, pray for our leaders, pray for our governments, pray for out politicians, that God gives them the strength and wisdom to disregard this petition, that the freedom to read the Bible remains in Australia and the rest of the world.


Tony Abbott Blaming the Wrong People

I have proven and so has Dahboo77 that it was not the Russians who shot down MH17 either that or Russia was working with Hollywood and the MARVEL franchise.

In this link here   Scarlett Johansen hands Captain America a file.  The file says the following

MH17 ДEƝΟ NO17 TOM N0:26

Avengers Movie Captain America “The Winter Soldier” was released in April 2014.  Yet MH17 was not shot down until July 17th 2014.

So the Black Widow says sometime during the making of the movie presumably in 2013 that (The Black Widow says) they had pulled some favours from KIEV and hands the file over to Captain America.  the File has NO:17 on it a secret Elite Code being “ДEƝΟ” and the word Tom NO:26.

Now Hollywood records it in 2013 or early 14 and produces the movie releases it in April 2014 and “the favours of Kiev are executed on July 17th 2014 and the WORLD’s Leading Authority Mr Glenn Tomas is on the Plane, and then shortly after EBOLA becomes a problem.   AND RUSSIA did all that without the CIA, FBI, Australia Federal Police not knowing a thing!  Off course they now expect us the public to believe that rubbish.

Now I feel sorry for Tony Abbott He is a puppet on a string, the Second Beast is calling the Shot’s and Mr. Abbott must comply, just like the Obama Administration must comply or be killed, like all those Astronomers, all those Lawyers for JP Morgan, All those JP Morgan Bankers about 30 of them lost their life’s in the last 12 months.

The Black Widow – Certainly made widow’s of many people that day! July 17 = MH 17

So get this MH 17 shot down by favours that were mentioned in a Movie on July 17, which was on a file, with a secret code on that file and the Name Tom becuase the worlds leading Ebola expert was going to be and was on that plan – and oh yeah Russia did all that, while AUST FED POLICE, FBI, CIA, knew nothing.?

But they do know one thing – And that is how to blame someone else



Я доказал и так имеет Dahboo77, что это не русские, сбивший MH17 или это, или Россия работает с Голливудом и франшизы Marvel.

В этой ссылке здесь Скарлетт Йохансен руки Капитана Америку файла. Файл говорит следующее

MH17? ДEƝΟ? No17? TOM N0: 26

Мстители фильм Капитан Америка “Зимний солдат” был выпущен в апреле 2014 года не менее MH17 не был сбит, пока 17 июля 2014.

Так Черная вдова говорит то во время съемок фильма, предположительно в 2013 году, что (Черная вдова говорит) они вытащил несколько милостей от Киева и руки файлов к Капитану Америке.файл не имеет: 17 на нем секрет Elite Код бытия “ДEƝΟ”, и слово Том N 26.

Теперь Голливуд записывает его в 2013 году или в начале 14 и производит фильм освобождает его в апреле 2014 года и “благодеяний Киеве выполнены 17 июля 2014 года в мире ведущим специалистом г-н Гленн Томас находится на плоскости, а затем вскоре после Эбола становится проблема. И РОССИЯ сделал все, что без ЦРУ, ФБР, Австралия Федеральная полиция не зная ничего! Конечно же они теперь ожидают нас общественность поверить, что мусор.

Теперь мне жалко Тони Эбботт Он является марионеткой на веревочке, второй зверь зовет соответствовать или должен быть убит Выстрел, и г-н Эбботт должны соответствовать, как администрация Обамы, как и все те астрономов, все эти Юристы за JP Morgan, все эти JP Morgan Банкиры около 30 из них потеряли их жизни в течение последних 12 месяцев.

Черная Вдова – Конечно сделал вдовы многих людей в этот день! 17 июля = MH 17

Так что это MH 17 сбит милостей, которые были упомянуты в кино 17 июля, который был на файле, с секретным кодом на этот файл, и имя Тома, потому миры ведущие Эбола эксперт должен был быть и был на том, что план – и, о, да Россия не сделал все, что, в то время как AUST FED ПОЛИЦИЯ, ФБР, ЦРУ, знал.?

Но они знают одно – И что это, как обвинять кого-то другого


Toni Ebbott Obvineniye ne te lyudi

YA dokazal i tak imeyet Dahboo77 , chto eto ne russkiye , sbivshiy MH17 ili eto, ili Rossiya rabotayet s Gollivudom i franshizy Marvel.

V etoy ssylke zdes’ Skarlett Yokhansen ruki Kapitana Ameriku fayla . Fayl govorit sleduyushcheye

MH17 ? DEƝO ? No17 ? TOM N0 : 26

Mstiteli fil’m Kapitan Amerika ” Zimniy soldat ” byl vypushchen v aprele 2014 goda ne meneye MH17 ne byl sbit , poka 17 iyulya 2014 .

Tak Chernaya vdova govorit to vo vremya s”yemok fil’ma , predpolozhitel’no v 2013 godu , chto ( Chernaya vdova govorit ) oni vytashchil neskol’ko milostey ot Kiyeva i ruki faylov k Kapitanu Amerike . fayl ne imeyet : 17 na nem sekret Elite Kod bytiya ” DEƝO “, i slovo Tom N 26 .

Teper’ Gollivud zapisyvayet yego v 2013 godu ili v nachale 14 i proizvodit fil’m osvobozhdayet yego v aprele 2014 goda i ” blagodeyaniy Kiyeve vypolneny 17 iyulya 2014 goda v mire vedushchim spetsialistom g-n Glenn Tomas nakhoditsya na ploskosti , a zatem vskore posle Ebola stanovitsya problema . I ROSSIYA sdelal vse, chto bez TSRU , FBR, Avstraliya Federal’naya politsiya ne znaya nichego! Konechno zhe oni teper’ ozhidayut nas obshchestvennost’ poverit’, chto musor .

Teper’ mne zhalko Toni Ebbott On yavlyayetsya marionetkoy na verevochke , vtoroy zver’ zovet sootvetstvovat’ ili dolzhen byt’ ubit Vystrel , i g-n Ebbott dolzhny sootvetstvovat’ , kak administratsiya Obamy , kak i vse te astronomov , vse eti Yuristy za JP Morgan , vse eti JP Morgan Bankiry okolo 30 iz nikh poteryali ikh zhizni v techeniye poslednikh 12 mesyatsev .

Chernaya Vdova – Konechno sdelal vdovy mnogikh lyudey v etot den’ ! 17 iyulya = MH 17

Tak chto eto MH 17 sbit milostey , kotoryye byli upomyanuty v kino 17 iyulya , kotoryy byl na fayle , s sekretnym kodom na etot fayl , i imya Toma , potomu miry vedushchiye Ebola ekspert dolzhen byl byt’ i byl na tom, chto plan – i , o, da Rossiya ne sdelal vse , chto , v to vremya kak AUST FED POLITSIYA , FBR, TSRU , znal . ?

No oni znayut odno – I chto eto , kak obvinyat’ kogo-to drugogo



Tonight’s The Night Revelation 6 v 1 and 2 is Fulfilled

Along with Daniel 8 v 14

Yes on God’s clock Blood Moon Number 3 of Five Happens tonight but this Blood Moon is a Blood Moon V’s Mars not Earth.

Mars was the Roman god of War, ISIS have Threatened ROME and God is sick of the rubbish and is going to CLEANSE the Sanctuary for His Son’s return but putting all enemies of Jesus under his foot stool.

both leo and archer 2

Blood Moon verse Mars

Planet Mars in the Riders Jugular Trying to kill God the Archer!

Daniel 8 v 14 Begins on Gods Clock 2300 Evenings and Mornings to cleansing the Sanctuary.

Revelation 6 v 1 & 2 Says

6 Then I saw as the Lamb broke open one of the seven seals, and as if in a voice of thunder I heard one of the four living creatures call out, Come!

2 And I looked, and saw there a white horse whose rider carried a bow. And a crown was given him, and he rode forth conquering and to conquer.


Daniel 8 v 14 says   

13 Then I heard a holy one speaking, and another holy one said to the one that spoke, For how long is the vision concerning the continual offering, the transgression that makes desolate, and the giving over of both the sanctuary and the host [of the people] to be trampled underfoot?

14 And he said to him and to me, For 2,300 evenings and mornings; then the sanctuary shall be cleansed and restored.


 And the Good news is we in Coffs Harbour Australia can See it!

God the Archer with his bow Coming from Heaven Fulfilling Rev 6 verse 1 and 2 tonight.  Below is the view. Planet Mars in His Jugular! Rome the Iron of the feet of the statue and the god of Mars will be defeated!

Get out of the lounge and check it out, Amazing Scripture Fulfilled tonight.

16112014 view from Coffs Harbour  Rev 6 v 1 and 2 coming true


the archer 2



Some people say to me Barry your a conspiracy nutter.  To which I stop talking to people who say just that one word in disbelief to me the word “conspiracy”!

Why because they do not want to know the Truth, or the level of Truth they prefer not to know.

Or just wish to have rose coloured glasses on, and deny there’s a problem on any level on any subject.  Everyone lives by what they want to know and do, if freely available in their country and that is fair enough.

But to the conspiracy of Chemical trails in various countries including Australia East Coast the following video is undeniable proof of chemical spraying.

As the Air Force Pilots say “Good thing we’re above it or we be dead right now”, but the people on the ground are not, and what is it to say that soon they may even spray Ebola or some other decease that is air born to kill us off.

CHEMICAL TRAIL SPRAYER – 100% proof – filmed up close by AF Pilots



Now I wish I strayed in the Australian Bush in South Australia rather than living on the beautiful east coast, at least there’s not much to kill in the outback!

 This may not be over Australia, but when you see 3 Jets flying north on the East Coast of Australia and sometimes followed by another 3 and all six are spaying, it makes you wonder.

Genesis 2 v 15 AMP says 15 And the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and guard and keep it.

Yet all we want to do it destroy it instead of keeping it and looking after it.  And destroy it in earnest as of the 23rd of September 2017 we will.~~~~ Yes we will !

They could use this technology to feed us all and have the whole Earth in Utopia but no, no, no, we mankind fight as the bible says we would, against ourselves and destroy, destroy, destroy.

Genesis 2


First of Seven Seals about to be opened

Revelation Chapter 6, talks about the Seals of God.

The First Seal opens and a rider on white horse comes forth to Conquer verses 1-2.

Rev 6 v 1 – 2 ESV

Now I watched when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures say with a voice like thunder, “Come!” 2 And I looked, and behold, a white horse! And its rider had a bow, and a crown was given to him, and he came out conquering, and to conquer.

We know the Lord Jesus does not come back to Earth until the time of the Authority of the Beast has ended and that is when God has put all his enemies under his footstool.

Matthew 22 v 4 ESV The Lord said to my Lord, “Sit at my right hand, until I put your enemies under your feet”.

Assuming this figuratively stating and has to do with the Constellations.  Assuming it is for a sign what is the sign indicating.   It is obviously talking about war but which one? As will be shown this is Daniel 8 v 14 2300 days and nights for more click here.

Genesis 1 v 14 ESV  And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years.

Looking up at the Lights, the Stars and Constellations (after all we put dressings (covers etc) over lights to make them appealing and interesting).

God does the same in the Heavens.  And He has had them drawn wonderfully.

These two verse’s are talking about the Archer Constellation, and the Roman God of War Planet Mars (Iron Feet = Roman) of Daniel’s statue attacks the Rider in the neck specifically in the Jugular.    The Archer Constellation is representing God.

Exodus 15 v 3 ESV says The LORD is a man of war; the LORD is his name“.  God is going to Ride out of His abode as it were in Heaven on his White Horse.  Remember the Lamb opened one of the Seal’s HE was not the one on the Horse.  God was on the Horse and is represented in the Heavens by the Archer. 

Planet Mar’s was worshipped by the Roman’s in Roman times as the God of War. ISIS has threatened Rome.  Rome is not happy and has asked the clay to help and the Second Beast has given the order.  They just have not made it public as yet.

This happens on the 16/11/2014 and is also confirmed by the Blood Moon that day.  See post Click here

The Archer below as shown on the 16/11/2014  in just 11 days time from today being the 5th November 2014.

the archer 2

The Archer being God the Father and Jesus the God and God the Holy Spirit are taking aim at the Devil represented by the Scorpion.  See Chart Below.

both leo and archer 2

God does not go for the Jugular, He goes for the Heart and sees the Heart!

Therefore God is putting the enemies of Jesus under His footstool and it begins on the 16th November 2014.  In Just 11 days time.

Because God is merciful in his Judgement he does not get one of his angels to do it in 1 second, but rather has mankind do it to themselves and gives them / us 2300 days and evenings to repent and be saved.

The last 2300 days and evenings before the end of the Authority of the Beast.

Like He did so many times in the Old Testament He / God Turned Israel’s enemies against themselves!

Now the Second Beast being gog, and Magog,  The False Prophet and all the elite, The Land of the Phoenix Currency, EU, NATO and the UN.

Those that head up the Largest Banking Dynasty in the world, will now have people whom they are trying to de-populate, depopulate the Earth via them.

(Turning Mankind against Mankind) and less than half way through this process allow the days of NOAH to return on the 23rd of September 2017 when the Devil and his angels come to Earth, (Rev 12) But unlike Captain America Movie “The Winter Solder” the Gateway/Wormhole will not be closed and 1/3 of all angels the ones on Satan’s Side come and remain down here.

It may be possible that All of Satan’s Seed are down here then as well.

Satan is on his way and he is between the Woman in the Heavens legs see video below.  NASA now blot this out so we cannot see it.

The Better news is Jesus is on his way and HE and HE alone can and will save us if we just believe, trust and obey HIS call.


There fore that is approximately 2311 days to go then we will see… It may be cut short it may not, don’t know and not relying on any analysis other than that of my faith in Jesus, to remain steadfast until he returns!

There are four horses in Mystery Babylon the Great – London and specifically The Tower of London.  These have been made out of Marble.  Off course they have been made to counterfeit the four mentioned in the Bible, that is what Satan does to try and draw attention away from the Truth here they are below as displayed in the Tower of London.

four hores cut

Should you wish to be saved go here to read and listen to a song on how to get saved.  Click here.

Revelation 6 v 1-2 THE WHITE HORSE and it Rider who had a Bow, IS FULFILLED on the 16/11/2014.

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