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THOSE INTERESTED IN “VIRGO GIVING BIRTH” “Undefended Maiden” on the 24/09/2017 and SATAN SPASHDOWN click here for more information I.E. what I and everyone else forgot. or click this link here

Please note any predictions of time of end days events are only calculations / guesses at best the information on this site is made available so you make your OWN conclusions and decisions!

This site uses the stars/planets as timing indicators as Jesus made them and no man change – like mankind has done with every other calendar!  The Cycles of the Stars/Planets are also looked at because the numbers in the cycles give additional information that almost no one else on the internet seems to do, even amateur Astronomers &  Astrologists do not take into account the numbers within the cycles and nor do most Biblical writers even today do not take date times and cycle numbers into account, yet Genesis 1v 14 says to!  it says in kjv:

14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

In other words do not use mankinds’ calender’s cause they are corrupted, instead rather use  i.e. God’s beautifully orchestrated Musical Clock of Musical clocks cause no man change or corrupt it.


So let me ask you a question:

If the Solar System is to be used for Days and Years i.e. A Calendar – WHY have almost all BIBLE SCHOLARS not used it when working out DANIELS Prophesies of 70 weeks and Revelation 12 amongst others?


So much for their Scholarly PhD’s they “trip up” (get it wrong) just 14 verses into the Holy Bible!

We also examine Books, Music, TV, Movies, cartoons to have an idea of what may happen……

The best one can do is respond when God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit ask you to do something!


As you see the end draw nigh, be Happy,

Because Jesus died so that you may be FRIENDS with God!



that is WHO YOU ARE.

Transformed in the RENEWING of the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT in PERFECT PEACE IF He dwells in you! (Acts 2v4), Isaiah 28 v 8-12, and many more!

This is a site of God’s blessed Accuracy & Wisdom revealing TRUTH i.e. JESUS.

If your looking for Accuracy & Uncommon Wisdom, you have come to the right site!

Not so you are worried, concerned or lose your PEACE about the future BUT rather EMPOWERED walking in FREEDOM and in THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT – GO FORWARD Walking in Peace and blessed Hope for the next life is very near, REJOICE, REJOICE and again we at REVAMP YOUR MIND say REJOICE !

7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. proverbs 4v7 KJV


Hosea 4 v 6

My people are destroyed through lack of knowledge!

The renewing of your mind and self development is a critical thing for all to do everyday or as much as possible because life happens to all of us, and without the Life of God in us we would not be here, no one would be!

This is especially important since the 1960’s because of the CERN machine, as they power that thing up, because it is using so much energy and dark energy it is messing with our minds and that is a scientific fact!

On this site you can find information that one should know before starting to Trade or Invest.  It is also about end time events present, past and future backed up with Mathematical proof from God’s Musical Clock – THE SOLAR SYSTEM.  It is actually Musical Clocks within a Musical Clock.

This Clock is made up of Earth, Other Planets, Star’s, Asteroid Belts, Living Creatures even, as in it only exists because God is in All things, Through all Things and is All things.

Why Uncommon Wisdom? Well that was a comment I received on one of my books!


Why Accuracy? Well God showed me a simple way of predicting Financial Markets Turning points or cornerstones.

When I used these skills I am generally 95%. to the fourth decimal correct to 100% correct.  Verse’s the average broker of 65% correct.

In anyone’s terms in the Financial Markets you are not going to do better than that unless off course you go to the fifth decimal place!

However we do recommend you purchase the No:1 Market Top Secret – Christian Investing & Trading as the back ground information will help in understanding the numbers of the markets its DNA if you will.  As will the Woman in Heaven gives Birth book and the current Mystery Babylon the Great-er London.


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